Myanmar and Me

Bob Seymore   -  


Below is a post written by Abby Farmer.  Abby is 10 years old and a One Life KID! from Henderson.  She is on a mission trip to Myanmar with her mom and dad ministering to the orphans at the orphanage we support through Uncharted International. Below she shares her heart and experiences from the trip.

This week I’ve been in Yangon, Myanmar on a VERY important mission that’s required courage, sacrificing time with friends and family. On the day we got there, we went to LCH (Love Children Home). I met four orphans. One was Myat Sue Aung. We sponsored her a little while before my parents went to Myanmar the first time, which was about three years ago. The other three were Mary Lynn, Ruth, Abraham’s daughter, and a little girl whose name I can’t remember. It is hard to keep up with all the names. It is like trying to spell super-cala-fragilistic-expi-aladosious. I’m not even sure if I spelled that the right way. The four orphans taught me a clapping game. You would be surprised at how addicting that game is! The next day I had a skirt made from the loomhouse that I had ordered the day before. We went to the chapel at LCH and had church. After church, we all got to play with the kids. Then we had lunch at Peter and Rebecca’s house. DELICIOUS! After lunch we had more free time with the kids. There was a fun game that was very similar to dodge ball. There were a lot of fun things packed up in my weekly suitcase. I had realized that the whole thing was about doing what God wanted and needed me to do a few weeks before the real deal.
For God so loved the world, that he gave his one and only Son so that whoever believes in him will not perish, but have eternal life. (John 3:16)
If Jesus didn’t die for us, we wouldn’t have the opportunity to do the great things we have done or are looking forward to doing. My doing is Myanmar. I love the way the kids praise. SO LOUD!;0) They touch your heart like nothing you have ever felt before. I also love how God does AMAZING things through them. I’m VERY happy to be experiencing such a WONDERFUL thing.