Quiet Time Apps

Bob Seymore   -  


There are a lot of resources available to those of us that live in a high tech smartphone/tablet world, but often the challenge is moving from concepts and clutter to practical application. This is an attempt to sort out some Apps that might be helpful and some practical application for your daily quiet time.
Bible Reading
Of all of the Bible apps that are available, the most common is called You Version. It is available for any platform or type of device that you might own. It includes several versions of the Bible, but the most commonly used version at One Life Church is called the NIV (New International Version). And while this app is exceptional to read and search through the pages of the Bible, it has a feature called “Plans” that can help you connect to some daily reading options. Two great plans in the YouVersion App that provide a very basic daily reading and devotional are the Life Application Study Bible and Devotional and the Rick Warren Daily Devotional. Important to note that these plans are just a very basic daily reading and a good place to start. In addition, we provide a daily readings through our One Life App with passages and devotional thoughts that connect to our sermons and themes every week. The important thing is to get started on a daily basis and in time work towards a more comprehensive study of context and content as you grow in your passion to understand God’s word.
One of the best books on prayer and Bible Study habits is called “Too Busy Not to Pray”. In this book Bill Hybels walks through some basic habits and structure for a daily quiet time which includes the idea of journaling. The greatest opportunity with the high tech approach is that you can read a passage in You Version and click “copy” and easily cut and paste a meaningful passage into a journal and post thoughts about application. A great app for journaling is called VJournal. VJournal is a very simple front door to post and catalog journal entries in a very popular app called Evernote. When you open VJournal, you get a lined page and you can paste your passage,  write some thoughts and then click save. When you save your journal entry for the day it is filed sequentially in Evernote under the year and day. It is very encouraging and interesting to go back and look at your journey in the daily journal entries. Just to simplify this whole idea, you are asking and writing in VJournal things like: what passage that I read today impressed me…what am I learning…. what action steps do I need to take and how does it apply to everyday life.
It is not a new idea to maintain a prayer list of people and needs that you might be praying for on a daily basis. In the new tech world there here are some apps that can help you not only build a list, but log answered prayer and help with reminders throughout the day. One of those apps is called Prayer Notebook. Some of the features include:
-Secured access-If you want to keep others from reading the intimate details of your prayers you can put a security access code for entry.
-Scheduling-an interesting feature is that you can designate a prayer item for everyday or you can give it a specific day. For example, you might pray for a different member of your Life Group or your extended family everyday.
-Notifications-You can set up prayer items to pop up on your phone or tablet at a specific time of day. A very simple reminder through the day to “pray constantly” for those people or needs in your life that are a priority. Most importantly you totally control the reminders.
…and the list goes on. It is a very powerful little app that can add consistency and thoughtfulness to your prayer life and it also allows you to mark prayers as “answered”. A great diary of God’s work in your life.
There are a lot more resources available in local Christian bookstores and online to help you with your daily quiet time. Many years ago Charles Stanley was asked the question “what is the best version of the Holy Bible”. His answer is profound, but very true. He said “the one you will read”.
Get started. Now.