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Middle & High School
Grades 6-12

At One Life, it is our priority to grow and nurture an authentic faith in the next generation. Studies show two key principals that separate students who have left the church upon entering college versus those who have owned their faith and stayed connected: 

1. Meaningful relationships with the adult community in the church
2. Reverse mentoring opportunities

In an effort to create these opportunities for our students, we help them connect to a small group where they will experience community with their peers, and investment by adult leaders. We also encourage every student to serve on a team at One Life. During the summer months we partner with Uncharted International to give our students mission trip opportunities both locally and globally.  

To read why we do what we do click here to read our Students Info Guide.





We have some new updates and changes - Which you can READ HERE

Updates and Changes

  • Wednesday Student Service :: Beginning 01/17
    Continues each Wednesday at One Life Henderson.
  • Parent Night :: 02/21
    We are having a Parent Night February 21st. We would love for all parents of middle and high schoolers to come experience what your kids are doing on a Wednesday Night as well as have a time for a Q & A session. We will provide dinner too.


Middle School Service :: Every Sunday @ 11:00 am



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