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Finding Purpose - Zach O'Nan's Story

Posted by Sarah Inman on

Before Jesus I was selfish and only cared about myself and how I could use people to my advantage for drugs or money I didn't care about anything I felt that I had no purpose and would rather just go ahead and die than to continue living the life I was living I've been in and out of rehabs stayed clean for a little while but always fell right back into my old ways. 

I was in Teen Challenge in 2012 when Jesus entered my life I was homeless with no place to go so my Dad told me that was my only option because he didn't want me to come live with them so I went and it was powerful. I stayed for six months before I Went back to my old ways, but that is where I found Jesus and where my relationship with Jesus started. 

My life is amazing. I have more joy than I ever thought possible and I enjoy helping others and bringing others up in Christ. I know I have a purpose and He used my addiction to bring me where I am at today so I can help others who struggle with addiction and lead them to Jesus.

Zach O'Nan, One Life Henderson

Tags: hope, joy, recovery, purpose