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Oceans Prayer: Jill Campbell's Story

Posted by Brittney Gomez on

Many of you already know that Kyle and I have had a plan to adopt. That was originally my plan because I have felt the call to be an adoptive mom since I was young. I have never had the desire to have my own biological children. To some, that sounds foreign. But I felt so strongly about it that...

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Out of the Nosebleeds: Chad Connor's Story

Posted by Brittney Gomez on

Some Sunday morning in 2007, my wife and I were sitting in the same “nose-bleed” section we always sat in at our church in Louisville, KY. Now, I know the term “nose-bleed” is usually reserved to describe the cheap seats in a massive facility like a NFL football stadium...

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What I Needed Most: Lindy Weatherly's Story

Posted by on

I became a Christian at a young age but I would say I didn’t get serious about this commitment to Christ until college. My first 3 years in college were a struggle.   I really rebelled against the attitudes of those around me.   I felt like everyone was just going through...

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