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Meet The Leader: Ashley Zehner // Henderson

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Meet Ashley Zehner.

Ashley has served in the preschool area at One Life Henderson for nearly 7 years! She and her husband of 10 years, Jonathan, have two children - Addalie in 3rd grade and Cole in Kindergarten. Ashley is a Speech Pathologist with the Henderson County School System and loves working with children! Ashley’s mom and dad poured into her life as she was growing up and Ashley now practices that not only with her own children but with other children at work and church on a daily basis.

Some fun things about Ashley you might enjoy knowing:
- she is a sports fan and of course, a UK WILDCATS FAN!
- her favorite show is “Blacklist”
- she would love to see a musical in New York City!
- would choose cake and tacos over cookies and pizza!
- would rather be hot than cold
- would rather see 10 minutes into the future of any one but NOT herself.

Ashley’s daughter was a baby at the time that she decided to serve at One Life. She saw a need and took action! She now leads and serves as Nursery Area Director.

Would you be willing to serve with Ashley and her team? Please let Ashley know or contact to see if serving in the Nursery would be a good fit for you.

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