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City Movement

Our strategy for outreach is built around the idea of helping to catalyze and fuel city movements or “gospel city movements”. This is best expressed by the goal:

Don’t just build a great church, build a great city.

Not long after launching One Life we felt challenged to think much bigger and much more outward.  A group in New York City inspired us to think not just in terms of building our own organization and church but to have a genuine and meaningful vision for the communities God has allowed us to be a part of.  

City Movements specifically defined are a supernatural move of God in a community which tends to be characterized by a city-wide increase of 7 practices.  These practices leads to the rate of Christian conversions which outpace the general population growth rate.

The 7 Practices of City Movements:

  1. Worship & Prayer - because no movement happen without God moving.
  2. Leadership Development – because Jesus poured his life into the few to impact the many.
  3. Church Planting - because church planting is the single most effective way to reach people far from God.
  4. Community Development – because Jesus revolutionized the world by placing high value on the least.
  5. Cultural Communication – because Jesus told his story in human terms.
  6. Cultural Influence – because Jesus is Lord over every aspect of human life.
  7. Global Impact – because Jesus said to make disciples of the NATIONS.

The idea is to emphasize these things on the inside of our church and to fuel them in our community wherever we have open doors of opportunity.  In 2013, we launched MOVE. Check out the video below to learn more. 

One Life MOVE Video from One Life Church on Vimeo.