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One Life Students

Student Huddle 5

Posted by Ubi Ntewo on

Student Huddle Week 5 from One Life Network on Vimeo.


Progressive: favoring or advocating progress, change, improvement, or reform, as opposed to maintaining the status quo.

  1. How do these passages (Acts 4.32-35, 6.1-2, 11.28, 17.16-22) reveal the innovative and progressive nature of the Gospel and Christian community? Hints: Inclusivity, social and welfare reform.

  2. How do these passages (Matthew 8.1, 15.22-28, 19.13-15) reveal Christ Jesus as a progressive? Hint: The place and value of Outcasts, children, women.

  3. In light of Philippians 4.3 and 1Thessolonians 4.9-12, how are we to understand and nourish the skills, talents and passions we’ve received from God? Hint: Is it ok to be a Christian and not be a professional minister (e.g. Pastor, Evangelist, Worship Leader, etc.)? Can I worship God through Math and science?

  4. As it relates to the previous question, how should you feel about your career or future goals that are not necessarily “ministry” oriented? Hint: Does God value, appreciate and encourage, such endeavors?

  5. What do these passages (Rom 12.1-2, 2Cor 3.17-18) reflect about our lives in relationship to personal progression and innovation? Hint: Personal growth and partnership.

    Action Steps:

  • Pray that God enables to be innovative in sharing the Good news?
  • Commit to taking pleasure in the skills and talents you possess.
  • Start seeing these talents as a gift from God.
  • Devote to worshipping God by improving your skills and talents.
  • Ask God and seek outlets for blessing your community with your talents and gifts.