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Go Boldly - Part 1

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Go Boldly Team Huddle wk 1 from One Life Network on Vimeo. Read Acts 17:1-4   How did Paul engage the city for Jesus?  What was required for him to be prepared to live his mission?   What were the results of Paul's mission?   What message did Paul preach?  Was...

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Global Day

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Who’s your favorite Star Wars character? Who’s the “Uncle Owen” voice in your head? Are those voices from experiences in your past, sins you may have committed, following a list of religious rules that you think you have to fulfill?  Is it more about your past...

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Why Church? Week 3

Posted by Austin Maxheimer on

Team Huddle - Why Church? Wk3 from One Life Church on Vimeo.   Worship, Love, Compassion 1.  How can your team be focused on global initiatives? 2.  In what areas of your life are you too inward focused? 3.  Is there a time when you were really passionate about...

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