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Everything Changed: Week 2

Posted by Trey McClain on

  Worship, Love, Compassion 1.  What is the best gift you were ever given? Did you ever get a historically bad gift? What makes those gifts so memorable?  2. We talked this week about Jesus Christ as our Savior. What has He saved you from? Don't answer generically...

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Team Huddle: Everything Changed Week 1

Posted by Austin Maxheimer on

Worship, Love, Compassion 1.  What other barriers did Jesus break through in His life?  What other social norms did Jesus challenge?  (Hint:  check out the Gospels) 2.  To be truly loved, we have to be known.  How are we doing with that as a team?  Do we know...

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Think.Wonder.Explore: Week 6


Posted by Austin Maxheimer on

Worship, Love, Compassion Questions to help you identify idols in your life. On your Group or Team. 1. What makes you uncontrollably angry, anxious, or despondent? 2. What, if you lost it, would make life not worth living? 3. What must you have to feel significant? 4. What do you...

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