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From the beginning, we have believed deeply in the importance of global missions.  Jesus said to reach the NATIONS, not just our neighborhoods.   One Life partners with Uncharted International for global outreach. Uncharted gives primary and intentional focus to the least-reached countries of the world with open doors and active work going on in China, Myanmar, and Central Asia. One Lifers are encouraged to donate, volunteer and go on trips through Uncharted.  

Our global outreach extends to our biggest God - sized prayer:  "Lord, use us to change the worldview of the next generation”.  Soon after we began praying this, God opened doors for us to be deeply involved in movements in New York City and Dubai.  New York is, according to studies, the single most influential city in the world.  Dubai is fastly becoming one of the most influential cities which also is an open city in the middle of the most difficult region of the world to reach.  

For more information, see:  http://unchartedinternational.org/