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Exploring Church, Exploring Faith

Kick Start Questions: What About Devout Followers of Other Faiths?

Posted by Austin Maxheimer on

Kick Start Question: What Happens to Devout Followers of Other Faiths (e.g. Muslims or Hindus). I was lucky to grow up in a Christian culture, but what about those who grew up in different cultures?  I’m going to stick to the first question because while closely related, I do feel...

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Tags: exploring faith, religion, religión

Kick Start Question: Will all people come to know Christ?

Posted by Austin Maxheimer on

“Will all people eventually come to know Christ? He died for all. (I wish)” This question comes at a very interesting time in my own reading life. I am currently a couple hundred pages into The God Who Saves: A Dogmatic Sketch by David Congdon. Every morning I pray, read some...

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Tags: exploring faith, soteriology