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Kick Start Question: Sharing with Non-Believers

Posted by Austin Maxheimer on

Kick Start Question: What is the easiest way to bring up Christianity with a non-believer?  The easiest way to bring up Christianity to a non-believer is to build a deep and genuine relationship with God, and then do the same with that person. I know it seems simplistic, but it is the...

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Tags: evangelism, faith conversations

KICKSTART QUESTION: How Do We Let People Know God Is Real?

Posted by Sarah Inman on

How do you convince people God is real that don’t know God, if they can’t see him?  Such a great question. And honestly, one that I remember asking and struggling with as I have gone through my faith journey.  Specifically, I remember a time where I wanted so badly...

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Tags: corinthians, god, growth, paul, plant, water

Kick Start Question: How can I Respond to Malachi's Test in Giving?

Posted by Kristen Kuhn on

Question:  In Malachi it says “Test me in this” concerning giving – so how should a person interpret it if a person may give in faith more than their budget says they can, but they don’t see an immediate response that is apparent? The prophet Malachi preached to a...

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Tags: giving, malachi