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Meet The Leader: Kat McNeal - Henderson

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Meet Kat McNeal

Kat McNeal is the Next Gen Director at One Life Henderson.  She’s not only a staff member, but she also is a parent of a son, 16-year-old Andrew, who is a member of our student ministry and a daughter, 5-year-old Madilyn, who is part of our Kids! ministry.  Between parenting a teenager, a preschooler and directing Next Gen, she rarely gets bored.  She doesn’t mind though, as Kat says, “these two, along with Jesus and my Hendo family, are my entire world!”  We think we are pretty lucky to have her around here.  Also, somewhere on the list of priorities in her life is coffee.  She can’t live without it and we wouldn’t want her to.  

We think she’s seriously great, but she does have some limitations, no one can be perfect after all.  One of her limitations is singing.  She’s not that great at it, but make no mistake; just because she can’t sing doesn’t mean she won’t!  You may hear some of that inability to carry a tune with her rendition of “Take Me Out to The Ballgame” while watching her favorite team, the St Louis Cardinals.  Kat also loves to run, play old-school PS2 and cook.  

Would You Rather?

If you still feel like you need to know more about what makes Kat tick, we think there is no better way to find out but with a fun game of “Would You Rather?”

Hike or Bike:  Hike

Watch TV or Read a Book:  TV

Tent or RV:  RV

Pool or Ocean:  Pool

Night Owl or Early Bird:  Early

Cookies or Cake:  Cake

Tacos or Pizza:  Tacos

Live 100 years in future or past:  Past

Attend Narnia or Hogwarts:  What??

Invisible or Fly:  Fly

Snow Board or Snow Ski:  Snow Ski

Canoe or Water Ski:  Canoe

Live without phone for 2 weeks or without computer for a month:  Phone for 2 weeks

Still Want to Know More?

Kat can be reached at or by calling 270-844-9156.  She looks forward to getting to know each of you!

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