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Elementary Parent Cue March 2018 // Week 2

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Key Question: How do you walk away from a fight? If you walk into a fifth-grade classroom, you’ll start to discover that even if fists aren’t flying, kids fight with each other. Walking away from a fight can be one of the hardest things a kid does because they feel like their entire reputation is at stake. We pray kids leave with a game plan for how they can make the wise choice and walk away from a fight.

Throughout Genesis 26, we find Abraham’s son, Isaac, settles in his father’s land and reopens some wells. When his new neighbors argue with him, he simply moves to a new place and digs new wells. Isaac had every right to fight for those wells, but he chose peace instead.

Bottom Line: Prove you care more about others by walking away from a fight.Sometimes creating peace with someone means walking away even if we’re not wrong. Often it takes a stronger person to have the self-control to walk away.