The new One Life West Lobby is taking shape

A lot has happened with the lobby in the last 5 days. Steel and roof has been installed, wall has been bricked and blocked and today concrete guys are pouring and finishing the floor while others are wiring, building the sound booth, installing ceilings in the nursery and working on the painted the duct work.

Build Out as Worship–A Volunteer’s Perspective

Guest Post by Elisa Gross

Construction for One Life West is moving steadily forward thanks to all of the volunteers that have been helping with the project. Working on the West site is not just a way One Lifers can help our church reach its goals and missions, it can also be a way to help people grow closer to God and experience how He is working through everyone at One Life.

One Lifer Jason Williams has been attending One Life since 10-10-10 and also helped with the Henderson construction prior to the opening.

“I chose to be a regular attender because I believe in the vision and believe God gave One Life a specific purpose in this region,” said Jason.

Part of fulfilling this vision and purpose is finishing the construction on the West site, which is why Jason has also been involved with construction there.

“Many people think the only spiritual gifts are those that involve speaking, preaching, singing, or playing an instrument.  In fact, I used to feel that way. This at times was discouraging for me because I am musically impaired and could not sing if my life depended on it. However, I was blessed with the ability to tear stuff up, put it back together, use power tools, wear a hard hat, and say things like ‘hit it again’ and ‘watch out’ and ‘oops.’ I’m not a master of any craft, but God can use all of our abilities, or lack thereof, for His purpose. This project and those in the future are my guitar, drums, and microphone.

Jason hopes that others will also be able to learn how God can use them to help One Life and grow closer to God.

“My prayer is that all of us find our ‘microphone’.  Find what God gave you the natural ability to do and use that to impact others, whether that is swinging a hammer on a building project, simply smiling and opening the door to welcome people on August 19, holding babies in One Life Kids, or working on a production team. There are so many avenues for everyone to serve. I could talk all day about how I’ve benefitted in my own spiritual walk, how others could, and if you’re still sitting on the bench, how much you’re missing.”


Using God-given gifts can not only allow people to grow closer to God, but also grow closer to the other Christ followers around them.

“My favorite part of the construction has been all of the new people I’ve been able to meet and work with,” Jason said. “Many friends were developed from the Henderson (construction) and many have already and will continue to develop on the West side. This is what makes it fun. It is not work, not a chore, not just putting time in. It is not something we have to do; this is something we get to do. What makes me most excited is that God has clearly given me and all of us a job to do.”

Thanks to One Lifers like Jason, we are getting closer every day to finishing One Life West. This week volunteers hung beams, poured the floor and hung the main electrical panels in the worship center, according to One Life Director of Operations Bob Seymore. One Lifers also poured footings for the lobby addition and are clearing the building out to begin painting.



As we inch closer to completion, come and see if your guitar and microphone in worship might not look more like a sledgehammer or saw.  Sign-up today!



Elisa Gross is a Journalism Major studying at Indiana University.  She is interning over the summer for One Life Church collecting and sharing stories.



A new auditorium floor and beyond

Today at One Life West we had an incredible team of skilled concrete workers pouring a new auditorium floor while other volunteers worked on building the new bathrooms and cleaning up all the drywall dust that will be a reoccurring theme over the next few weeks. And don’t forget the really important people of the day, the ladies that brought the fried chicken.


West Construction-5/19

Walls going up in kids areas, trimming up rough edges of concrete, tearing out Rathskeller ceiling for steps and handicapped elevator, reinforcements to prepare for steel beams in auditorium and digging and pouring some more footings.

Sign up to work: Click here….


West Construction-5/12

Today we are taking out windows, cutting open the main hallway entrance to the kids areas and the cafe, pouring concrete walks and footings in the auditorium, cutting concrete and building walls for the nursery and preschool classrooms(and welcoming a pink concrete truck)….

One Life West Construction-5/5

We are finding that there are some One Lifer’s who genuinely love to tear down walls. Working this Saturday on cutting auditorium and lobby area doors

One Life West: One Church, Two Locations

One Life West has been a journey. Over a year ago, we started the pursuit of a location…Walmart, Buy Low, North High and even Tumbleweed. Not only did many of those discussions end without results, but to be sure the door was closed these buildings have been torn down or are scheduled to be torn down in the future.

At one point there was a genuine void of the right size and shape of a building available in a pure west side location. And then we found the old Rathskeller building on the site where the old brewery was located at the Lloyd Expressway and Fulton. We started discussions with the owner and secured a final deal in February of 2012.

On March 15th, 2012, One Life Network received approval from the city of Evansville to use the location of the building at 1301 Lloyd Expressway as a church. The building is about 25,000 square feet and with some renovation, has an auditorium that will provide 420 adult seats and appropriate space for kids.

After discussions about renovation plans, an engineering firm was hired and drawings to meet state requirements with Heating and Air Conditioning systems, sprinkler and fire systems, steel structural changes in the auditorium and addition of a new lobby have all been drawn and plans are headed to state for approval. In addition bidding has begun with all the various subcontractors.

The General Contractor for this project will be One Life attender, Michael Martin. Michael will work with Contractor Paul Rundus who did the renovation of One Life Henderson. There will be a lot of collaboration with skilled licensed vendors and our One Life volunteers.

The longest lead time on this renovation is the steel that has to be fabricated and erected in the auditorium to replace center posts and to construct a new 2600 square foot lobby on the front of the building.

Based on steel lead time, construction schedules and the general schedule of summer and back to school….demolition will be begin on Saturday, April 21st and launch date for One Life West will be Sunday August 19th. 

Funding for One Life west began the day we opened in Henderson on 10/10/10 and while we have saved $250,000 towards the project, we will need to raise an additional $300,000 between Easter and the launch date.

You can give by marking church planting on any envelope in the One Life offerings or designate church planting online or through the mobile app.